Corporate Headquarters:
P.O. Box 1600
Keller, Texas  76244
Phone:  817 379-1897|  Fax:  817-379-0610
Toll Free:  866 237-2004

Eagle Contracting, L.P., located in Keller, Texas, is a prominent General
Contractor performing work solely in the Water and Wastewater Industry.  
Established in 1987, we have consistently ranked in the Engineering
News-Record (ENR) national survey of the
Top 200 Environmental Contractors in the United States.  

Annual revenue is in excess of $50 million.   We have the resources to perform
single projects exceeding $50 million.  

Eagle Contracting, L.P. takes pride in the projects we build and are proud to
associate our name with the finished product.  Our small nucleus of
management interjects an atmosphere of a small business environment, yet
with the resources and expertise to compete with the larger nationally ranked
contractors in our field.
Current and Recently Completed Projects:
Above:  Bachman Water Treatment Plant Improvements - City of Dallas, Texas  (DWU)  
$34,020,000 Hydraulic Improvements Project Phase Completed March 2008
$9,478,580 Completed June 2001
Above:  Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant Anaerobic Digester No. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
$26,059,290/$7,866,000  City of Dallas, Texas (Dallas Water Utilities)
Completed February 2005
Above:  Jasper Water Treatment Plant - City of Wichita Falls, Texas
$18,840,000  Completed November 2006
Above:  Digester Dome Erection at the Southside Wastewater Treatment Plant
City of Dallas, Texas (Dallas Water Utilities)
Above:  Rolling Hills Water Treatment Plant - Phase I – Ozonation Facilities
City of Fort Worth, Texas
$16,506,744 Completed January 2003
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